Conduct various experiments to learn about gravity, force, and momentum. Design and build an astronaut escape pod similar to the SpaceX rocket and land it safely using a parachute

  • Learn the history of the NASA space program and why space exploration is important.
  • Study concepts such as energy transfer, energy transformation, and conservation of energy which are crucial to understanding how forces affect the flight and landing of a spacecraft.
  • Learn how NASA emphasizes and designs for the safety of its astronauts.
  • Scavenge materials to “rebuild” a damaged space capsule and then experiment to design a safe landing of the capsule while protecting it from a ruptured fuel tank (raw egg as fuel proxy) and protecting the two astronauts.
  • For grades 5th to 12th (high school extension optional).

Individually packaged kit has all parts and materials to design and build the Spacecraft and conduct experiments.  Assembly instructions, project curriculum, video design tutorials and supplemental resources are provided. Includes fabrication and shipping of one design file using the Invent2Make Makerspace.

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