Virtual (real-time and on-demand) and limited in-person professional development (PD) is available for a variety of topics. Each session lasts two hours and includes associated digital files of the training materials. Certificates of PD attendance are provided. Whether you are being introduced to a specific topic or are requesting expert training, we can accommodate your needs.

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Invent2Make professional development is customized to the individual teacher’s needs and technology level. Invent2Make staff works with the teacher to develop a personalized PD plan from the catalog of PD courses offered. Each course is available either in person or as a virtual session and all professional development is facilitated by Invent2Make staff. The pace of instruction is determined by the teacher and each session is typically 2 to 4 hours of content and activities.

We are featuring introductory and advanced PD in the following topics.

3D Printing – The Basics. Teachers will learn what 3D printing is, how a 3D printer works, and how a project gets from an idea to the printer.

3D Printing – Beyond the Basics. Beyond the Basics 3D printing training delves deeper into 3D printing and the unique capabilities of this process. Participants will learn to create objects whose parts can move independently, that are multicolored, how and when to use support material, and the importance of part orientation.

3D Design – The Basics. Invent2Make staff will instruct teachers in how to use and teach either of two 3D design programs: Tinkercad or Onshape. Both programs are browser based and fully supported by Chromebooks as well as PC’s.

3D Design – Beyond the Basics. This advanced PD is designed for teachers and students who want to learn and use the full capability of a parametric design program.

Hands on Experiential Learning Through Use of Maker Spaces. This PD session utilized Invent2Make’s makerspace that includes 50 3D printers, 3 laser cutters, 3 vinyl cutter/printers, 3 CNC mills, and 2 CNC routers. Invent2Make makerspace is unique in that all equipment is in the “cloud” and can be fully operated remotely to support training and use from any internet-available site or school. This PD course provides teachers and administrators with an understanding of the role of a makerspace in education, especially Problem Based Learning.

STEAM for Non-STEM Teachers. In this professional development, Invent2Make staff will introduce non-STEM teachers to the fundamentals of STEAM, beginning with crucial 21st skills such as creativity, creative problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and effective communication. Non-STEM teachers will then learn ways to integrate STEAM concepts and learning into their everyday teaching.

Overview of Invent2Make Program. This training provides teachers and administrators with an introduction to the comprehensive Invent2Make catalog of courses, student learning pathways, activities, and services.

Project and Curriculum Specific Professional Development. PD is available to support every Invent2Make project as well as curriculum.