INVENTORcloud professional development emphasizes STEM/STEAM cross-curricular courses and modules, project-based learning and inquiry-based instruction, CAD/Solid Modeling, digital teaching, and use of rapid prototyping equipment.  Our INVENTORcloud program is facilitated through our “virtual presence” Protoshare technology, a cloud-based software/hardware platform enabling virtual classroom support from INVENTORcloud staff and remote access to digitally controlled equipment.

Available at no cost to participating INVENTORcloud schools, foundational professional development is provided for curriculum, use of Moodle LMS and content delivery and program pedagogy.  Instruction is provided for basic Autodesk Fusion360 CAD, operation of the INVENT3D printer and Protoshare. Fee-based and custom designed training is available for advanced CAD lessons, use of Makerspace equipment and advanced INVENT3D printer use.

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