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Vista AST developed the original Invent2Make Program in 2009 and now it has evolved to an exciting new platform with rich project offerings that use digital fabrication equipment and software applications.

The Invent2Make Program is multi-disciplinary, problem and inquiry based learning which stimulates student interest and instills life-long learning and problem solving skills essential for career success. The program integrates rich and relevant course content derived from subject matter experts, media sources, videos and publications to create digital courses designed for the digital classroom.

Invent2Make’s projects cover a wide range of subject areas and grade levels and provide students with design and technical skills. Using cutting edge technology including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines and more, students collaborate, communicate, and create virtual prototypes and real-life models.

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Learning Resources

Resources such as downloadable worksheets, CAD instruction videos, and project expansion options make Invent2Make easy to integrate into any classroom.

Variable Outcomes

Invent2Make projects challenge students to collaborate with each other and creatively problem solve, resulting in different solutions to the same problem.


Invent2Make projects are aligned to national standards including Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

Design Software Support

Invent2Make provides CAD instruction videos, sample CAD designs, and additional CAD instruction and support.