Is your school ready to build its own Makerspace?

INVENTORcloud can assist school districts and education institutions in developing and maintaining additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping lab.  INVENTORcloud has the expertise and experience to design labs to fit any budget.

A customized, on-site Maker Space can provide a robust, technology-rich environment for learning and applying skills and knowledge in a problem-based learning setting. INVENTORcloud can work with schools to develop customized technology and equipment packages that include INVENT3D printers, 3D holographic technologies and scanners, and other rapid prototyping equipment.   Networked design stations with computers allow for collaborative research, brainstorming and design as well as to explore and discuss instructional content

Building and maintaining a lab is a significant undertaking.  INVENTORcloud can provide technical assistance at start-up and implementation as well as offering service contracts for maintenance and support.

Below is a sample of additive and rapid prototyping equipment; additional selections are available depending on the needs of the school.

  • 3D Printers: INVENTORcloud offers the INVENT3D Printer, a FDM printer that can be purchased assembled or as a kit. The standard INVENT3D Printer uses PLA filament, and can be upgraded with dual head/dual feed and heated bed options.  3D printing is an additive process that can use a variety of materials but in educational settings, generally uses PLA or ABS materials. ABS requires a heated print bed.
  • Laser Cutter/Engraver: A powerful tool for creating finely detailed items by cutting and engraving materials such as wood, metals, plastic and acrylic.
  • CNC Mill: Subtractive technology appropriate for woods, resins and wax.
  • Router: Route, engrave, 3D mill or plot all types of materials including plastic, acrylic, MDF, wood, composites, brass and aluminum.
  • zSpace:  3D holographic terminal that creates virtual prototypes from STL files and supports STEM learning in a unique visualization environment.
  • zView: Software applications to enable interaction with zSpace’s 3D holographic visualization hardware.
  • zSpace Protoshare Box: i7 processor high speed graphic computer driver for zSpace and zView.

Contact INVENTORcloud to discuss customization options and pricing.

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