The INVENT3D printer is the only printer on the market designed from the ground up specifically and exclusively for educational use to meet the needs educators and students.  Current printer models are optimized to include the latest printer technology as well as incorporate feedback and lessons learned through years of use in educational settings to enhance functionality in learning environments.

Available to Purchase or Lease

INVENT3D printers are available in single and dual head configurations. Printers are available in a standard build volume (of 10″ x 10″ x 6″) or large build volume (12″ x 12″ x 12″). Additionally, a high speed print head option is available for the single head printer.

Extended warranties are also available.

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We also provide training

Recommended for new users, training is available virtually or in person at our Youngstown, OH facility. We offer specific training in Printer Operations, Auto Leveling, Dual Head operation, and Introductory CAD operation as well as to other more customized topics. On site training is also available.

We also sell supplies

We offer a variety of PLA printing filament as well as replacement print surfaces for your INVENT3D printer. Use of these supplies ensures the best operation of your 3d printer.

Contact us for more information

For more information regarding the INVENT3D printer or to request a quote, please contact Julie Michael Smith at and/or Bill Scott at