STORM software components allow for Maker Space hardware to be integrated and shared virtually with remote Users.

Storm Protoshare:

STORM ProtoShare is a software package combining STORM Desktop and STORM Connect software components (both listed below).  ProtoShare features support remote operation of digitally controlled equipment by providing a virtual presence capability that allows for session-based video, audio, text, and operational interaction and control in accordance with the equipment owner’s established use protocol.  Individual Users are given appropriate and secure access.

Storm Desktop:

STORM Desktop is a virtual presence tool that allows the User to manage various remote camera video feeds and display them on the local computer’s desktop.  The host can integrate several network cameras and a local USB camera for enhanced visualization. A virtual whiteboard with text and shape options is also provided on-screen non-verbal communication.  STORM Desktop, in combination with other tools, has been used for remote classroom instruction, training, professional development, conferences and meetings and technical support.

Storm Connect:

STORM Connect provides remote audio/video access to scheduled sessions.  These sessions are additionally hosted via STORM Connect.  The software enables Users to connect to the host facility or equipment and interact via video, audio and virtual whiteboard. If given permission, the User may also access the hosts desktop or remotely interact with connected equipment.  STORM Connect is commonly used with STORM Desktop.

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