The STORM Box is a powerful miniature computer running Windows that is optimized for use with STORM technology to provide the optimum user experience.  The STORM Box is designed for hassle-free integration of STORM ProtoShare to any digitally controlled device as well as use in facilitating STORM Desktop virtual conferencing and instruction.


Camera Network:

A variety of network cameras are selected for ideal integration with STORM Desktop.  These cameras allow for immediate camera view changes and help any remote Users feel as if they are physically present in your facilities.  This network best integrates with a STORM Box.


Protoshare Workstation:

The STORM Connect ProtoShare Workstation is an all-in-one unit for enabling digitally- controlled devices with STORM ProtoShare for remote operation, instruction and sharing.  This Workstation consists of a STORM Box and a Camera Network and utilizes a mobile cart.  The STORM ProtoShare Workstation includes the following features and can be customized:

  • Ability to connect to and control most digitally-controlled devices
  • Windows operating system
  • Create a virtual collaborative learning environment
    • Remote use of connected digital equipment
    • Virtual instruction and training
    • Virtual conferencing
  • Scalable to integrate multiple pieces of connected equipment and webcams using additional stations
  • Wireless keyboard, mouse, and headset or speakerphone
  • Full visualization of equipment site and operator via one webcam and one IP camera with tripod
  • Equipment mounted on transportable cart with large locking castors for flexibility in connecting to various pieces of equipment
  • Includes two hours of STORM Connect training
  • Includes 1 year license for STORM ProtoShare software to host unlimited sessions
    • Users can connect to host at no charge via free STORM Tool software
  • Includes LCD monitor mounted to the cart for enhanced visualization and control
  • Utilizes powerful custom computer optimized for STORM ProtoShare and pre-loaded with essential Maker Space Software


Custom Hardware Solutions:

Vista AST offers custom STORM hardware solutions for those with Maker Spaces, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, large or complex equipment or other specialized needs.  Contact us for additional details.

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