INVENTORcloud courses are multi-disciplinary, problem and inquiry based learning which stimulate student interest and instills life-long learning and problem solving skills essential for career success. Each course integrates rich and relevant course content derived from videos, publications, journals, newspapers, and other media sources to create digital courses designed for the digital classroom.  INVENTORcloud uses Moodle, an open source LMS program.

Curriculum offerings include six, nine and eighteen week courses and units for varying length that can be used as stand-alone offerings or for incorporation into existing courses.  INVENTORcloud is flexible – educators can extract INVENTORcloud content to use in their own courses to introduce or reinforce relevant concepts. Thought-provoking, realistic project challenges are included in daily lesson plan format, with assessments and rubrics.  INVENTORcloud curricula are aligned to Common Core standards.

Courses can be taught in one of three learning modes:

  1. Traditional Classroom Setting: In a digitally enabled classroom for a group of students.
  2. Distributed Classrooms: One teacher can simultaneously facilitate learning at multiple schools.
  3. Distance Learning: Individual students can participate from any location and engage interactively in lessons, team projects and remote use of equipment.


View the INVENTORcloud Course Descriptions below:

Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking

INVENTORcloud™ Innovation, Creativity and Design Thinking (ICDT) is an inquiry-focused, problem-based course that explores the facets of creativity, design and innovation which affect mankind’s ability to grow, change and adapt and ultimately, to survive. Scientific and practical roles and processes of creativity, design, critique, brainstorming and innovation will be presented. Students will have experiential opportunities using design and creation applications and methodologies in a technology-rich environment

The 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking and communication are embedded in this course. Students will learn to critically assess their own work and the work of others from a global perspective, understanding that the communication of design is influenced by cultural and environmental context. Students, individually, and as members of a multi-disciplinary team, will innovate and design products and solutions to real-world scenarios, evaluate through an iterative process and then, create their designs through remote use of digitally controlled prototyping equipment.

ICDT is an 18 week, high school course which complies with Common Core State Standards, International Standards for Technology Education and select career and technical education standards. It can be offered as a stand-alone course or integrated into existing courses.


Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability explores the relationship of mankind with the environment, delving into the unintended social, environmental, and economic consequences of rapid population growth, economic growth and consumption of natural resources. Sustainable development principles, global warming and climate change and understanding one’s own carbon footprint and lifestyle choices are investigated Students study political, economic, and social issues as well as ethical considerations and business practices. Case studies, analyses and appropriate projects are integrated.



BioTechnologies explores emerging bio-medical and bio-engineering technologies and including their potential impact on STEM skills and careers. Ethical considerations, quality of life and economic considerations are explored. Use of novel materials, technologies and process are presented. Students are challenged to research, design and building medical assist devices.

Creative Entrepreneurship

Creative Entrepreneurship explores how emerging ICT, social media, and technologies such as 3D printing and rapid prototyping are transforming career and entrepreneurial opportunities. Students learn how to apply creative thinking, pursue entrepreneurial opportunities and affect their futures with emerging technologies. They invent, design, and build a product and learn how to create a business using social media and 21st century enabling technologies.

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