STORM Virtual Presence is an integrated hardware and software solution that connects disparate and distributed Users and equipment within a cloud, facilitating remote interaction.  Developed and refined under contracts with the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), STORM integrates Users with other Users and equipment at individual nodes (such as Maker Spaces, other manufacturing installations, community colleges or schools), creating a distributed network of resources.  It has been demonstrated for collaborative design, troubleshooting, training and virtual manufacturing with thousands of Users.

STORM utilizes ancillary equipment including wireless microphones, headsets and cameras to create a virtual presence environment (described in hardware section below). STORM also consists of software components that appropriately integrate Maker Space hardware (described in software section below).  STORM Virtual Presence integrates the INVENT3D printer and any other prototyping equipment and permits remote Users the ability to have a Maker Space experience.

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